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The Bruce Lee TRAINING SECRET by Grandmaster William Cheung 


Every martial artist would like to know how and what made Bruce Lee such a devastating fighter. Even though a lot of people associated with Bruce Lee or many claimed to have trained him or trained with him, I can safely say that not many of them were privileged to his secret training method. 

Training method. 

Bruce and I grew up together. We were friends since we were young boys. It was I who introduced Bruce Lee to Wing Chun School in the summer of 1954. In the old days, the master would never teach the new students. It was up to the senior students to pass on the Wing Chun lessons to Bruce. 

As I was his Kung Fu Senior of many years, I was instructed by Grandmaster Yip man to train him. By 1955, one year into his Wing Chun training, Bruce progressed very fast, and already became a threat to most of the Wing Chun seniors as the majority of them were armchair martial artists. They discovered that Bruce was not a full blooded Chinese because his mother was half German and half Chinese. The seniors got together and put pressure on Professor Yip Man and tried to get Bruce kicked out of the Wing Chun School. 

Because racism was widely practiced in Martial Arts School in Hong Kong, the art was not allowed to be taught to foreigners. Professor Yip Man had no other choice but to bow to their pressure, but he told Bruce that he could train with me and Sihing Wong Shun Leung. But most of the time we trained together. 

The first thing I showed Bruce was the Principles of being a good fighter..................................

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 Tai Chi Beginner - Class Reading Manual

by Richard Del Connor, "Buddha Zhen"


 This book is the CLASS READING MANUAL of the Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu and Taijiquan school.  Since 1992 Shaolin Chi Mantis has taught the Yang Style Tai Chi Short Form in 16 lessons over 16 weeks along with historical and inspirational essays that correspond to the Daoist intentions of each section of this unique martial arts dance.  

Richard Del Connor, referred to as, "Buddha Zhen," or, "Shifu," by his students, has been teaching this Yang Style Tai Chi Short Form since 1984.  Now, after using this book, Tai Chi Beginner, in over 100 classes and testing it on more than 1,000 students with required class reading sessions of the entire book -- we bring you theTai Chi Beginner - CLASS READING MANUAL.  The original Tai Chi Beginner - Yang Style of Shaolin Chi Mantis, contains 444 photos detailing the entire workout and SCM Tai Chi Beginner Program™.


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 The Ultimate Yoga Course

 The Ultimate Yoga Package is the most comprehensive yoga package on the market.

This will take you to your physical limits and beyond on this 108-Day Journey. 
Each of the 11 Yoga programs are comprised of creative sequences that will challenge the expert and encourage the beginner.
Strength, Balance, and Flexibility to lengthen and tone the body.
Detox, Vitality, and Yoga Cardio to balance all the energy systems.
Yin and Gentle Yoga offer you the restorative aspects.
Pranayama will access equanimity  and Meditation help you cultivate joy.
Learn more about the CLASSES, the MEDITATION and the DIET

A wonderful package 141mb 

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 Shuriken Training Manual

 Learn to properly use the Ninja Warrior's most misunderstood weapon, the shuriken.  Commonly known as the "throwing star," this book shows the correct methods for not only throwing, but also for employing this powerful weapon in hand-to-hand situations as well.

Written by Master Teacher and Bujinkan Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller, this book will show you how to do it right when it comes to using the Ninja's shuriken, martial arts weapon!

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 The Art Of Knife Fighting Techniques

 For many years self defense has been something people have been intrigured by in many different ways, along with martial arts Techniques and fighting styles. Now you can learn the martial arts of knife fighting attacks and defense in this detailed book on how to disarm your oppnents,engage your oppnents, knife fighting methods and percise accurate drills to train on. Its a good thing to learn how to protect yourself, but now you can professionally learn to defend yourself against knife weaponry and take downs.  

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 Tales Of Old Japan By Lord Redesdale

 Tales of Old Japan is an anthology of short stories, compiled by Algernon Bertram Freeman-Mitford, Lord Redesdale, writing under the better known name of A.B. Mitford. These stories focus on the varying aspects of Japanese life in centuries past. The book, which was written in 1871, is still regarded as an excellent introduction to Japanese literature and culture, by virtue of its ease of access and supplemental notes by the writer. Also included are the author's eyewitness accounts of a selection of Japanese rituals, ranging from the harakiri and marriage to a selection of sermons. This book had a lasting influence on the Western perception of Japanese history, culture and society, particularly because of just one widely known tale about samurai revenge.

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 The Book Of Five Rings By Musashi Miyamoto

 Miyamoto Musashi's Go Rin no Sho or the book of five rings, is considered a classic treatise on military strategy, much like Sun Tzu's The Art of War and Chanakya's Arthashastra. The five "books" refer to the idea that there are different elements of battle, just as there are different physical elements in life, as described by Buddhism, Shinto, and other Eastern religions. Through the book Musashi defends his thesis: a man who conquers himself is ready to take it on on the world, should need arise.

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 Channeling Chi

Master These Ultimate Energy, Health and Wellness Boosting Techniques From The Worlds Most Successful People  And Watch Your Results Soar Sky High In A Fraction Of The Time. These Hidden Techniques  Will Literally Elevate You Up The Ladder Of Success By Helping You Increase Your Energy Levels!     

Do you know what all of the most successful people in the world have in common?
That one factor that separates the winners from the losers?
It's the ability to effectively maximize energy reserves.
Lets face it, when you look at the big picture, monumental tasks seem impossible to complete at face value.
But if you learn and apply certain techniques to boost your energy and productivity to complete  tasks more efficiently, 

even the hardest tasks can become easy.
Why else do you think some people can achieve more than others while everyone has the same 24 hours in a day?

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 Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner - Warrior Athlete

 This is the book to transform your life from being whoever and whatever you are into a Kung Fu HERO.  A Kung Fu Master is a protector of his family, and community.  Shaolin Chi Mantis is a school for creating Kung Fu heroes in the ancient traditions of the original ZEN BUDDHIST WARRIORS of the Shaolin Temple.  Our curriculums are a proven method of combining Zen Buddhism, Shaolin Kung Fu, and Tai Chi to create SPIRITUAL WARRIORS.

Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner - Warrior Athlete was written by the founder of Shaolin Chi Mantis, Zhen Shen-Lang "Spirit Wolf of Truth."  Buddha Zhen is also the founder of Tai Chi Youth nonprofit organization, and Buddha Kung Fu (schools for making Buddhas).  As a Shifu (Kung Fu Master) since 1984, Buddha Zhen has taught thousands of students of all ages including several blind students.

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 Tao of Taoism - Using the Dao Te Ching to Improve Your Life

 The Dao Te Ching (Tao Teh King, Dao De Qing...) by Lao Tzu, has inspired oriental readers for over 2,000 years to become better people, get along with other people, and coexist with Nature in harmony.  


Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang, (Richard Del Connor), has adapted these ancient teachings and wisdoms into useful lessons for his Kung Fu and Tai Chi students of Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu and Taijiquan, Buddha Kung Fu schools, and the nonprofit education organization, Tai Chi Youth.


Since 1993, Buddha Zhen has seen his students improve their lives and ways of living through the questions he formulated based upon this ancient book by the sage, Lao Tzu (Lao Tzi...).  


Before Buddha Zhen reduced the size of the book, Tao of Daoism, (formerly titled: The Dao - Coming To Terms), so that students and a worldwide audience can access these teachings on smaller Ebook reading devices, he created this PDF BOOK for his students of Shaolin Chi Mantis, Buddha Kung Fu and the Tai Chi Youth nonprofit organization.  This PDF books sold exclusively by Shaolin Communications includes lines and spaces for students to fill in their answers to the hundreds of questions posed by Buddha Z, based upon his enlightenment from the Lao Tzu book.


Learn to be in harmony with your past.

Learn to be in harmony with your present.

Learn to be in harmony with your future.

Learn to be in harmony with other people.

Learn to be in harmony with your self.

Learn to be in harmony with your family.

Learn to be in harmony with society.

And of course, learn to be in harmony with Nature.


Tao of Taoism transforms the thoughts and wisdoms of Lao Tzu into questions of self-discovery that each reader can pursue and ponder for their own self-development, enlightenment, and lifestyle improvement.  ALL STUDENTS are required to print out this book and write down the answers to these questions to further illuminate yourself and focus your personal thoughts and self-awareness.

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 Guide On How To Bet On Boxing

 Betting strategies for boxing.  Get an edge on the casino.  Richard E. A. Dwyer is a Silicon Valley, California lawyer (former Associate Editor of the Stanford Law Review 1988-1989) with an avid interest in the Sweet Science and gaming.  Learn how to analyze fights (counterpunchers v. lead punchers, straddling bets, etc.) to increase your odds of winning.

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